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70 min         169€        | Massage and Aromatic Baths

This treatment is especially indicated to share it with a loved one. It is 50 minutes of a complete, therapeutic and relaxing massage on tatami, which culminates in 20 minutes of a foam bath with Jordan salts.

The aroma feels as soon as you enter the room. The color of the chromotherapy invades the room and picks you up in a magical atmosphere before you start. The dim light of the candles accompanies the experience and plunges you into a state of calm and disconnection.

The massage begins with harmonic and rhythmic touches from the feet to the head, Thai style. We like to start with a few light stretches to unblock the body, relax it and prepare it in this way for a delicious experience. We work the feet in depth, with applied acupressure. Aromatherapy and quality oils are some of our tools to promote travel.

The back is completely massaged, with soft, slow, but also deep and decontracting touches. Our mission is your well-being, our path is therapeutic. We favor your health, relieve tensions and blockages in an elegant and harmonious way. You will truly feel your body as a sacred space.

We like to work with a lot of care and detail, a conscious and personalized touch. In 9Sentits we venerate your body, and in this ritual you will be able to feel the benefits of a massage made by and for you. Do not stop trying it, sharing wellness life knows much better.

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