I was born in a small town by the sea, on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. I lived in Argentina for a few years until I decided to travel to Barcelona in 2001. I fell in love with the city, its people and the colour and warmth of the Mediterranean. I decided that it was the city I wanted to live in. When I finished my photography studies at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia I started working as a freelance photographer, shooting portraits and fashion photography.

During this period I focused especially on the female body, which interested me in its beauty and expressive potential. But at the same time I noticed how little awareness some women had of their own bodies when I photographed them. One day I said to myself: I want to continue taking photographs, but I also want to get involved in a broader project that would empower women and make them more aware of their bodies, their beauty and their sensuality.

This vocation for the Beauty universe and my interest in women’s health and well-being led me to train with professionals from the world of therapies, with whom I realised that a woman’s happiness and well-being are built as a whole. A holistic view where physical sensations, self-knowledge, nutrition, enjoyment of the body and relationship with others are involved.

I understood that a woman’s well-being and fulfilment can be enhanced by exploring all the senses. I learned to observe them one by one and also all at the same time. I built a method to work with them, combining them all, and I called it 9 Senses.

I am certain that every woman is wonderful and that learning to enhance each of the senses is the key to pleasure and well-being.

“A woman doesn’t have to be beautiful. She has to believe it”.
Coco Chanel

The method by Alexandra Ferra

When I realised that women had little awareness of their bodies, their feminine power and their great beauty and sensuality, I could not stand still. After sharing ideas with other women about the feminine condition and its strengths, deficiencies and characteristics, I gave life to 9 Senses, a harmonic set of physical and sensorial techniques that merge into an integral proposal for women. Its objective: to interrelate wellbeing, beauty, balance and power in a whole aimed at strengthening feminine empowerment. An experience of excellence, professionalism, pleasure and relaxation.

“The 9 Senses formula is especially aimed at women and men who wish to connect and strengthen and, if necessary, discover their inner power. It is a guide to self-knowledge through the senses and offers a framework for dealing with insecurities and reinforcing physical and inner beauty”.

It offers essential, therapeutic and relaxing massages, for individuals and couples, combined with beauty treatments and rituals.

From these we can distinguish subtle and feminine treatments for each stage of the woman, couple rituals that stimulate the connection and complicity between the two and for men, personalised rituals that harmonise the yin and yang energy.
Our rituals include different massage techniques such as craniofacial, Thai, descontracturant, reflexology, among others. We also use elements such as moxa, gemotherapy, aromatherapy and different textures that stimulate the body’s sensitivity. Everything has been thought and designed especially to favour a unique sensorial and therapeutic experience.

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