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Mediterranean Queen

60 min         109€         Vinotherapy + Exfoliation + Body Wrap + Firming Massage

You don’t need to travel far to discover our ancestor’s beauty treatments. Here, in the Mediterranean, the land provides us with many valuable resources. One such resource is our vineyards. This Vinotherapy complete treatment honours our regional vines with a wine wrap and natural grape seed exfoliation. Bathe your body in the deep red rejuvenating treatment and let your skin glow. The experience will leave you feeling radiant. Complete your moment with a firming massage fit for a queen.

Wine is a product rich in bioflavonoids, which fights ageing and firms skin. Its antioxidant power will leave you with a healthy glow, hydrated and oxygenated. The preparations used for this massage are made exclusively at our centre from 100% natural components.

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