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Gold sea

60 min         69€       | Therapeutic Massage

In this massage, the protagonist is you. Enjoy an hour of a relaxing and therapeutic massage. Let yourself be pampered by our conscious and professional touch. Each treatment is personalized and we combine different manual techniques according to the needs of each person.

In one hour you can enjoy a full massage throughout the body. Relax your legs and improve your circulation, relieve the tension of the lower back, unlock the contractures of your cervical, let yourself go in a sea of ​​calm and reconnect with your body.

We can ensure you an hour of relaxation and regeneration very repairing for the body and for the mind. Better than a nap after an exhausting morning, better than a yoga class after work, more relaxing than a meditation, healthier than a whirlpool bath.

The ideal treatment for stress, for exhaustion, general numbness, for headache, eye pain, stomachache, digestive discomfort, pinching in the legs, tension in the back.

A therapeutic hour of pleasure and disconnection. You will feel your body rejuvenated. Feel the blood and energy flowing through your body again. We accompany you in the process. We take care of every detail, with care and dedication; we take care of you.

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