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Nine Senses ritual for couples

120 min         389€        | Sensuality in Couple

In this ritual, the couple will enjoy an intimate and elegant space to stimulate their senses and imagination. Intense, exciting but at the same time gentle and loving, a moment of enjoyment and relaxation combined with adventure and emotion.
If the woman only individual ritual is an unforgettable experience, Imagine how this lovers experience will ignite the flame of passion and sensitivity in your relationship. Enjoy our sauna, a fabulous aromatic bath, spectacular massage and many other surprises.

The perfect gift so lovers enjoy an intimate, unique moment of pleasure. Amaze your partner with an unforgettable experience. A small oasis in the heart of the city.

The massage will be performed with our ‘Alqvimia’ oils, specially chosen to stimulate sensuality and enjoyment. Seductive male oils for him and a sensual feminine choice for her.

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