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Nine Senses Ritual

90 min         189€        | Sensory Experience

A complete and explosive sensory experience for the boldest and most experienced women who wish to go push their sensorial experiences to the limits. A route through our senses which explores different sensations via a sensual journey of self-awareness. We stimulate the senses through different textures and flavours. Bathing the body in contrasting stimulatory pleasure to lift feelings to a new level. A ritual which enriches your imagination and opens you to a vast sea of experiences. It offers the key to stimulate sensuality and fulfil your potential in the intimate areas of your life.

This is an experience which will undoubtedly lead you to new heights. Let yourself be engulfed by the sensations and surprises which await you.

We accompany the massage with ‘Reina de Egipto’ (Egyptian queen) oils from ‘Alqvimia’. Sensual and aphrodisiac oils made specifically to raise sensuality, self-confidence and femininity.

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