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Afrodita’s Ritual

70 min         89€        | Sensitive Massage

Imagine a cosy, intimate space with incense, candles and hot oil. Imagine a tatami and evocative background music. Close your eyes, lie down, relax and immerse yourself in a world of sensations. This is a ritual created to help you connect with your sensuality and awaken the senses of your inner goddess. We accompany you on a journey through a gentle, delicate and intuitive massage. Little by little it will release your fears and insecurities and will connect you with your feminine essence. Feel love awaken your skin and let your femininity bloom. Be beautiful in a secure and respectful atmosphere.

You will choose between three aromatic Alqvimia oils which will accompany you through the experience. We will make your skin glow and lift your spirit with their exquisite fragrances.

Enjoy this treatment designed to enhance your sensuality.

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