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60 min         139 €        | Relaxing Massage

This is a therapeutic and relaxing massage intended to be enjoyed with the couple, with a friend or relative. It is a treatment that combines aromatherapy with several manual techniques. It is done on tatami and the whole body works. We like to start with the feet, with a touch of reflexology and Thai traditional massage. We accommodate the body with slight pressures and stretching, in order to locate it and de-stress it from day to day stress. Once the heaviest tiredness has been released, we start with a gentle and delicate relaxing massage with high quality oils.

The oils we use are completely natural and do not have any type of additive or mineral waste. In addition to nourishing the skin and leaving it well hydrated, we will avoid that the plug of the porous – what usually happens with the oils of low quality.

The back can work in depth, if that is what is needed, with a good decontracting massage. Our therapeutic touch is present in all our treatments, and clearly differentiates us from a very personalized dedication according to the needs of each one. As well as getting more relaxed, you will feel how the body tension is alleviated and the contractures are released.

We end the experience with a cranial and cervical massage. A touch of feathers, coral pearls, aromas and amethysts will make this treatment a trip you will not want to return. If you want to surprise someone you love, what better to share well-being together.