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Divine Isis

70 min        79 €        | Anti-Cellulite and Reducer Treatment

For this reducer treatment we have selected high-quality ‘Alqvimia’ oils to ensure excellent results. We begin with a Salt from the Dead Sea exfoliation to remove dead cells, stimulate circulation and prepare the skin for the absorption of the aromatic and detox oils. We proceed with a draining and deep massage. Manual techniques and avocado seeds are combined for a superior result. Our recommendation is to choose a specific area to be treated.

‘Alqvimia’ reducer oil is made from a selection of essential oils combined to offer a draining and reducing effect. It activates lipolysis and promotes the elimination of accumulated fat. It hydrates, regenerates and nourishes the skin. Avocado seeds, applied in the massage, stimulate blood circulation and help to remove fat deposits. Being completely natural your skin is both pampered and respected.

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