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Venus’ Fruit Ritual

60 min         89€        | Pregnancy Massage

For this ritual we have created a space specially dedicated to you and your baby. This guided meditation will help you to connect with your baby and overcome the fear of birth. We will work with the power of Tibetan mandalas, chromotherapy and massages. A unique experience for you and your baby which will unite you in a state of peace and well-being. Immerse yourself in a world of colours and sensations.

Your belly will be our canvas. The therapist will paint the mandala of your choice and will accompany you through breathing and visualization on the journey to your heart. Let us pamper you with this sumptuous massage from which you will leave relaxed and empowered.

Discover the special pregnancy treatment that will help you overcome fears and live the state of gestation with happiness and leave behind doubts and discomforts.

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