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Jade’s temple Ritual

80 min         139€        | Postpartum and Menopause Treatment

Postpartum and Menopause Treatment is an exclusive ritual to tone the muscles of the pelvic floor and enhance sensitivity in our intimate relationships. Ideal for women in the golden age, for after giving birth and for all those women who want to enhance their libido. This is a sensitive, deep and delightful massage performed with gemmotherapy, acupressure and high-quality Alqvimia oils. Other aphrodisiacs will help awaken your sensuality with more confidence and strength.

In this massage we apply ancient Taoist techniques to enhance the energy of your sexual channels and strengthen the pelvic floor. We will use jade egg and rose quartz to heal and reactivate your feminine essence.

The experience will be accompanied by chromotherapy and a selection of essential aphrodisiac oils chosen specially for you. Exquisite perfumes that will make you feel fulfilled, feminine, rejuvenated and sensual.

If our clients wish, we can also offer supplementary advice to increase libido.

With this golden age treatment you will feel more sensual and free than ever!