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Moon Ritual

70 min         99€        | Menstrual Cycle Treatment

This is a massage dedicated to women in their menstrual cycle. The techniques performed come from an ancient Taoist massage called ‘Chi Nei Tsang’. It is a deep massage of the inner organs that increases the ‘chi’ (energy) with the aim of cleansing and revitalizing our vital organs . This deep massage works through breathing and creates an inner space, stimulating blood flow and energy circulation through our body. It helps release blockages, relaxes the abdominal area and works on the connection with your body. In this case, it is applied to women during their menstrual cycle, helping to harmonize hormonal alterations caused by stress and the rigours of daily life: menstrual pain treatment. It can relieve period pain, reduce PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) and promote fertility and the start of menstruation.

During the first session, the therapist will ask a few questions about your menstrual cycle. Once we have analysed the results, we will give you a few guidelines and some advice about supplements in order to improve hormonal balance during your cycle.

To increase the healing effects of the massage, we will use ‘moxa’ on specific acupuncture points.

Discover this Menstrual Pain Treatment that will change your life!

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