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Sport Massage

30 min 49€

Sporting activity requires a lot of effort and perseverance to reach the proposed
to reach the proposed objectives. For this reason, the body adapts to the sport
continuous, transiting itself through different stages of physical evolution, shaping and
physical evolution, modeling and toning the musculature for optimum performance.
Based on very energetic massage techniques, our Sports Massage treatment promotes, reinforces and supports this evolution, relieving muscle tension after high performance cycles or preparing the muscles to be ready to perform optimally.
However, this type of massage is also highly recommended for people with
recommended for people with physically demanding jobs.
Ideal for:

Releasing tension after a training session.

– Physical recovery after a high performance
performance: running, triathlons, climbing,
contact or team sports*.
– Highly recommended for workers with
work that requires a lot of physical
– Preparation for training, or high performance

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