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Cleopatra’s Ritual

35 min         49 €        | Facial Cleansing, Exfoliation Face Masking and Massage

In this Ritual your face will be our most precious treasure. Immerse yourself in an aromatic bath and discover how your skin resurges more radiant, firm, soft and bright. A complete treatment for your face and neck.

Let’s start with a deep facial cleansing and continue with a regenerative exfoliation of your cells. Once your skin is ready and clean, you will receive a seaweed mask that is rich in minerals that will nourish you in depth. We finish the ritual with a reaffirming and moisturizing massage on the face and neckline. Feel your rejuvenated and venerated skin. Discover the antioxidant and soothing benefits of applied gemotherapy.

We finish the experience with a soft and conscious touch throughout the body that will integrate the trip towards yourself. Feel how your beauty emerges from the inside out. Look at the benefits instantly of the best ingredients of high natural cosmetics on your skin.

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