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 60 min 250-350€.

We are pleased to offer you a new service, which we think is very appropriate to
to face the times we are living in. We offer you
Coaching sessions; they will be given by Regina Insa, psychologist and coach, an excellent
coach, an excellent professional with remarkable experience. .
We have designed it to accompany those professionals and those people who, at such a complex time and in such a
people who, at such a complex and stressful time, wish to improve their personal or professional wellbeing.
personal or professional well-being.
Our coaching proposal offers two areas of accompaniment, one specific for professionals and one
specific for professionals and a more general one for all kinds of people.
In both cases, it is suitable for all those who wish to enhance their
self-knowledge and their professional and personal potential.
In the professional area, it will allow you to specify your objectives for today or for the future.
future; it allows you to improve/increase your professional results,
start a new business or a new professional career, improve your managerial and leadership
management and leadership skills, improve your communication with employees and superiors, manage
employees and superiors, manage change processes, increase the feeling of valuing your
feeling of valuation at work, reconcile your professional and personal life.
personal life….
In the personal area, empower yourself, improve your day-to-day life, your habits, learn how to manage your emotions more effectively
to manage your emotions more efficiently, identify the beliefs that no longer serve you and
no longer serve you and replace them with other adaptive ones, distinguish facts and judgements in order to assess
to assess reality, set goals and action plans that are ambitious…
ambitious goals and action plans…
The sessions are focused on two key ideas: facilitating the development of each person’s
potential of each person in their personal and professional dimension.
secondly, to be a powerful tool for change. It uses a variety of tools
tools such as conversation, questions, feedback, metaphors and stories.
metaphors and stories.

The service takes place in 60-minute sessions, with a frequency adapted to you and your goal.
and your objective, with a duration that can range from 6 to 12 sessions.

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