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Queen of the Nile

60 min         89€       | Body Scrub and Relaxing Massage

It is said that Cleopatra’s great beauty was due to her knowledge of the properties of Dead Sea salts. These Jordanian salts, combined with natural macroalgae from the same source, are rich in trace elements. These provide nutrition and hydrate the skin, providing brightness and luminosity.

The treatment begins with a complete all-body exfoliation, removing dead cells and preparing the pores for the absorption of the oil’s principal active ingredients. The finale is a deep, relaxing massage with the highest quality natural essential oils.

Salts from the Dead Sea consist of water, macroalgae, mud and salts. Due to its high trace element content, it is extremely beneficial for the skin. Compounds such as magnesium, calcium, silicon, potassium, sodium and sulphides help to nourish and detoxify. They promote cell renewal, strengthen bones and nourish skin, providing luminosity and elasticity.