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Beautiful Nefertiti

1st session 70 min + 4 sessions of 45 min        349€        | Anti-cellulite Pack + Lymphatic Drainage + Nutrition

This is a 5 session pack over a 5 week period. It has been specially designed for those women who wish to have an effective and complete anti-cellulite treatment with assured results. An ideal treatment for those who want to display a more beautiful body and skin in a short time. Miracles don’t exist, but we can promise you a visible and satisfactory result by following our recommendations.

In the first session, we will give you nutritional advice to be followed during the 5-week programme. We will perform a deep exfoliation and anti-cellulite massage in the specific area to be treated. In the following 4 sessions, the diet will be monitored and exhaustive draining massages will be performed, combining different manual techniques.

We also recommend the daily application of ‘Alqvimia’ reducer oil at home.