I was born in a small town next to the sea on the Pacific coast. I lived in Argentina until 2001, when I decided to travel to Barcelona. I fell in love with the city, its people and the warmth and colours of the Mediterranean. I decided that it was the city I wanted to live in. When I finished my studies in photography at the ‘Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya’ I started working as a freelance photographer, taking portraits and fashion photography.

During this period, I particularly focused on the female form. I was interested in its beauty and expressive potential. At the same time while I was photographing them, I realized how little awareness many women had of their own bodies. So I promised myself not only to keep taking photographs, but also to take part in a wider project to empower women and make them more aware their bodies, beauty and sensuality.

This vocation in the world of beauty and my interest in the health and wellbeing of women motivated me to study with professionals in the therapeutic field. I quickly learnt that the happiness and well-being of women go hand in hand. This is a holistic vision where there are physical sensations, self-knowledge, nutrition, body enjoyment and relationships with others.

I began to understand that women’s wellbeing and self-fulfilment could improve by exploring all the senses. I learned to observe them, both individually and jointly. From this experience, I built a method to work on the combined senses, and I called it ‘9 sentits’ (9 senses).

I am convinced that every single woman is a wondrous creation and learning how to enhance each sense is the key to pleasure and wellbeing.

“A woman doesn’t need to be pretty. She must believe she is”. Coco Chanel


I was born in Barcelona and have lived and worked in many countries such as Ireland, Mexico, Senegal and the Canary islands. I am a therapist and nutritionist. I have trained in naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine. I have also studied different massage techniques like lymphatic drainage, Californian massage, traditional Thai massage, craniosacral therapy and Taoist massage of the inner organs; ‘Chi Nei Tsang’. I particularly love studying the body and spirituality. Many years ago I focused my work on female empowerment; leading their life through self-enlightenment of their bodies, energy and femininity. Due to my interest and experience, I have put all my enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment into this project: 9 Sentits.


Personal and Professional Life Coach. Master’s degree in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching. A specialist in Kabbalistic wisdom, Kabbalistic astrology, personal development for women, family constellations, neuro-linguistic programming, Art Therapy and Feng Shui – working with the unconscious mind. In her sessions, Ivaneta guides women to find their potential and purpose of life and to remove any blockages halting progression. As every woman is unique and special, Ivaneta’s coaching technique is reflective of this – personal, authentic and original. Ivaneta is currently developing her presence internationally, working with clients; face to face, online and in several languages. Ivaneta also leads cutting edge seminars and workshops for her specialist therapies and practices natal chart readings.


Graduated as a psychologist (official registration no. 14,125), gestalt therapist and sex coach. I also have a master in sexual and relationship growth. I am trained in: self-esteem development and mindfulness, specialised in corporal techniques for therapy, expressive movement and creative dance, chiromassage and Thai massage.
My professional work is focused on enhancing self-knowledge, personal development and well-being by connecting the inner power which exists within us. Currently, I am working in many areas: Accompaniment and therapy of individuals and couples, sex therapy, different workshops and regular groups. I have an inclusive vision of people and sexuality.

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