The Method by Alexandra Ferra

When I realized that women had little awareness of their own body, feminine power, great beauty and sensuality, I needed to do something. After sharing ideas with other women about femininity and its strengths, weaknesses and attributes, I created ‘The Method’. It consists of a harmonic set of physical and sensorial techniques merged into an integral project which is geared towards women. Its goal: interrelate wellbeing, beauty, balance and power to promote feminine empowerment. An experience of excellence, professionalism, pleasure and relaxation.

“The method is especially addressed to women and men who want to connect and streghten or, if necessary, discover their interior power. It is a self-knowledge guide through the senses which offers a platform from which to confront insecurities and stregthen pysical and inner beauty”

It offers essential, therapeutic and relaxing treatments for either individuals or couples, combined with beauty treatments and rituals. We can distinguish which therapies are best suited to each individual’s stage in life and those which allow us to immerse in the subtlety of seduction.

The development of every treatment is based on the dialogue between the body and the spirit of each woman. We focus on developing self-knowledge and the renaissance of inner sensuality.

9 Sentits takes a presence in women’s daily life. It strengthens their self esteem and empowers them. The stimulation and awakening of beauty.

You can trust in our openness, discretion and formality.
My team and I will be delighted to meet you for a personal assessment.

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